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When joining A+ Band Program, you are making a commitment to be something amazing beyond your expectations. You can join a Jazz Band or a Rock Band. A+ Coaches will develop you into a great musician.

Being a part of the A+ Band Program includes:

  • Full access to A+ Coaches
  • Private Lessons
  • Workshops
  • Rehearsals
  • Band Development
  • and many new fans!

A+ Band Program offers the most advanced, innovative, and challenging hands-on music performance program in the industry. Leveraging music professionals, our education methodology coupled with latest technology, we present each artist with all the skills and tools needed to deliver amazing music lessons in music performance, recording arts, and artist development.

Being a part of the A+ Band Program includes:

  • Weekly 45 minute private lessons
  • Weekly band rehearsal sessions
  • Live performances & shows
  • Original artist development
  • Music theory and clinics

A+ Band Program is based on a proven format which consists of tiers to develop and promote the best music education experience. Join the nation’s most innovative after school band program today!

Private Lessons

Lessons only program is a great way to start in A+ Band Program or just enjoy learning and mastering a new instrument. Weekly private lesson with a master instructor are key to applying principles in instrument study and preparation for final projects and shows.

Lessons consist of the following:

  • Warm Up
  • Tuning
  • Rudimental Techniques
  • A+ Education (Basic Music Theory)
  • Assigned Material Development
  • Performance Techniques

Tiny A+ Musicians

Tiny A+ Musicians is a developmental music class for children ages birth to five years. It’s an opportunity for a shared musical jam session between parent and child.

Led by experienced early childhood music educators, your child will be taken on a musical journey through his first exposure to rhythm and melody. Using singing, movement, instrument play, and free-form jam sessions, your child will absorb music for the first time in an age-appropriate way!

Tiny A+ Musicians' curriculum will feature all styles of music from all parts of the world, but will keep the jazz or rock and roll edge that sets A+ Band Program apart from the rest.

All Tiny A+ Musicians classes take place on Saturdays between the hours of 9 am and 12 noon. To register, please call 818-347-7587. Space is limited, so call now! We can’t wait to jam or rock out with you and your kids!

Ability Levels and Curriculum

All after school programs (private lessons and jams) take place between the hours of 4pm and 10pm (with exception of Tiny Musicians...hours above). To register, please call 818-347-7587. Space is limited, so call now!

Levels Description Curriculum
Tiny A+ Musicians A+ youngest and newest players. A+ Tiny Musicians' Curriculum
Beginner A+ Musicians Beginner to intermediate players. A+ Beginner Musicians' Curriculum
Intermediate A+ Musicians Intermediate to advance players. A+ Intermediate Musician's Curriculum
Advance A+ Musicians The best of the best. A+ Advance Musician's Curriculum
Adult Program Over 18, all levels. A+ Adult Musician's Curriculum

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