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Professional private instructors typically adhere to an educational centers’ policy of tuition payment, cancellation, and make-up lesson guidelines. These guidelines are set in place to help the center run smoothly, so that instructors have the ability to focus on teaching, ensuring consistency and quality of study for all students. As a student with a reserved, weekly lesson, you are enrolled in the center, much as you would be in a school or college. It is very important that you make every effort to maintain excellent attendance.


  1. For best savings, tuition is due at the beginning of each tri-mester. Otherwise, tuition is billed one month in advance, and is due at the first lesson of each month.
  2. Regular lessons are held and billed according to the published center calendar. The calendar is posted here.
  3. There is a $10.00 late fee for any tuition received after the 7th of each month. A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for checks returned unpaid by the bank.
  4. Tuition is non-transferable. Students not pre-paid and up to date may be refused admission to class.
  5. In addition to tri-mester savings, click here for additional discounts.

Cancellations and Make-Up Lessons

  1. If a student cancels a lesson for any reason, full lesson tuition is still due, and will not be credited to the following month. Student may or may not receive a make-up lesson.
  2. Missed group classes may be made up in another class, if available, within the same month. No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes not made up within the month.
  3. If the instructor cancels a lesson, and is not able to schedule a make-up lesson, the student will receive a credit for the missed lesson.
  4. To be eligible for a make-up of an individual lesson, students must give 24hrs. notice of cancellation*, and must schedule the make-up lesson within the calendar month of the canceled lesson.
  5. If a make-up lesson is not immediately available, the student will be placed on the Make-Up List, and will be offered a make-up lesson upon availability and on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  6. Students may have only one make-up lesson on the Make-Up List at any given time.
  7. Make-up lessons will NOT be scheduled for canceled make-up lessons.

*At the instructor’s discretion, the policy of 24hrs. notice of cancellation may be waived in the case of sudden, unpredictable illness or accident if all other tuition and make-up lesson guidelines have been followed, the student has no other make-up lessons on the list, and an opening is available.

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