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Tutor Referral Program: make additional money doing what you do best.

Every day we get calls from families all over the nation searching for good tutors. If you are a teacher and would like to supplement your income after school or on weekends, our Tutor Referral Program can help you find clients who are interested in your services! For a nominal fee, $25 a year, your contact information will be visible Nationwide to perspective clients wanting immediate help in all subject areas you can tutor. You set the time and you set the rates. Feel free to check out our FAQ or simply register at the Tutor Referral link to get listed today and Happy Tutoring!

Tutorial Support: we can help you by helping your students.

A+ Educational Centers can help your struggling students by providing 1:1 and small group instruction in the privacy of the student's home, local library or in our centers. You may have a student in your class who just "doesn't get it" no matter what you do and is holding back the rest of the kids. As educators, we know that there is a student like that in almost any class. But what if you could get that student some extra help so that they could keep up? Now you can! Our tutors have been helping thousands of students since 1985! A+ Educational Centers is a State Approved Provider of educational services, and we are very good at helping teachers raise students' grades and test scores beyond ALL expectations! We work with English learners, and students with disabilities as well as with highly gifted students. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have, and to browse this website to learn about the services we offer. We appreciate your referrals of A+ Educational Centers to the parents of children in the classes you teach, as well as to the administrators of your school, and look forward to the opportunity of working with you and your school in helping your students reach their full potential!

Refer a student for our A+ Academic Tutoring Program and receive a $10 Gift Card to Starbucks or Target as a THANK YOU once student registers in our program. Click here.

Professional Development: we can help you focus on teaching rather than on disciplining.

Teachers lose an average of 5-9 hours a week dealing with minor misbehavior. It doesn’t have to be that way! Imagine how much more instruction would be accomplished with those hours available. Positive, appropriate, productive classroom behavior can be taught systematically. It’s worth the time and effort to show students, teachers, and administrators a better way to interact in the classroom. Learn strategies for effective classroom management that will end the student-teacher power struggles, improve academic performance, and greatly reduce the need for discipline referrals. Forget the gimmicks. Forget the paperwork overload for teachers and administrators. Discover a way to have a positive productive classroom. Take back your teaching time. Classroom management is something all teachers struggle with. This doesn’t have to be true! Learn a simple, effective, and logical way to deal with 80% of your pesky behaviors. Participants will learn strategies that change behaviors such as diffusers, self-control (for the teacher!), prompting techniques, teach – to’s and refocus. Find out how your beliefs, teaching style, and even your classroom arrangement could be causing behavior problems. The best part? You will learn techniques and strategies that work – and don’t cause extra work for the teacher! Teachers will find themselves with more time to teach, parents will hear more “good” things (and less “bad”) about their children, and administrators will see significant drop in discipline referrals. A Certified Trainer, using research based classroom management techniques, will train a single or multiple teachers, administrators, entire school or district in a 1 day seminar and give you the necessary tools to increase the time you spend on academics while at the same time empowering your students to take responsibility for their actions and achieve success.

Refer yourself, another teacher, administrator, school, district for our A+ Professional Development Program and receive a $25 Gift Card to Starbucks or Target as a THANK YOU once a PD course is paid for. Click here.

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