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Free Tutoring under the provisions of ESSA

Partnering with School Districts and other Organizations:

A+ Educational Centers is an approved California Provider of Supplemental Educational Services under the provisions of the "No Child Left Behind Act" since 2002. We partner with school districts and nonprofit organizations to provide the highest quality face to face, direct instruction supplemental educational support to California students. We administer intensive intervention programs aligned with the standards adopted by California State Board of Education which reinforce Common Core standards in English-language arts, mathematics and sciences. In addition, all children receive test preparation and study skills instruction to assure not only progress in school but also on state-wide assessments. (Our services may be FREE to eligible children attending Program Improvement schools in California under the provisions in the ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act). To find out if your district or school has or may be interested in a partnership agreement with us to offer FREE services to students under ESSA provisions, please contact your school's counselor, principal or Title I Coordinator.)

What we do:

A+ Educational Centers provide tutoring in all subjects, test preparation, English as a second language instruction, and counseling services for both students and parents. We communicate with school teachers and give session progress reports to parents. Reading comprehension, spelling, vocabulary, writing, grammar, math through Calculus, biology, chemistry and physics are taught by professional teachers on an individual basis or in small groups.

A+ Educational Centers are conveniently located near the schools we service. Tutoring may also be available in-home, at-school or at local libraries. Currently we successfully service students throughout Southern and Northern California. We continue to work closely with all school districts to create additional learning centers based on their needs.

How are we different:

We provide RESULTS! We have helped thousands of students improve grades, test scores, study habits and ultimately their self-esteem! Our results speak for themselves: it is not uncommon for our students to improve their grade in a given subject by 2 to 3 grade points; the SAT scores improve on the average of 200 to over 300 points with our SAT Prep. Courses. The reason for our incredible success is that we individualize our curriculum and personalize instructional methodology while focusing not only on achieving understanding of the subject matter, but also on developing good study skills and life-long work habits for each individual we teach.

We monitor student progress as we remediate or accelerate student progress! Our effectiveness is best demonstrated by countless thank you notes we receive from parents and students alike. For more than 30 years we have an excellent track record for improving student grades, standardized test scores, study skills, learning habits and children's self-esteem. Our effectiveness is also demonstrated by word of mouth referrals we get from the families we work with as well as referrals from teachers, counselors and school administrators.

We communicate with school teachers and parents, providing a valuable open communication channel for exchange of information crucial to success of every child. Many of our students have minor to severe learning disabilities and require special accommodations. We have extensive experience working with large school districts such as the LAUSD in helping their special education students excel. We welcome ESL students; our teachers speak Spanish, Russian, Armenian and Persian, as well as a number of other languages. Our staff of special educators works with children with learning disabilities (504 or IEP plans) as well as gifted students. We also work with underachieving students preparing them for the High School Exit Exam and the SAT. All of our centers are handicapped-accessible.

School Districts and Corporate Organizations:

We welcome inquiries from school districts who need further information about our NCLB programs, as well as from corporate entities wishing to sponsor similar educational programs for children and adults as a community outreach project or as part of their employee benefit package.

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