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Hip-Hop is a very intense dance that builds balance, strong muscles, and great figure. For peak performance skills, we help students develop several key abilities.

  • Developing the physical abilities necessary (motorical, physical) body awareness that enables us to balance, and create efficient, healthy movement.
  • Developing our creativity (cognitive ability)
  • Developing rhythmic and musical abilities during movement. developing coordination
  • Developing our "instrument" (nourishing the body)

Practice of combined techniques

  • Heart and lung endurance - building stamina
  • Range of motion (flexibility)
  • Strengthening the muscles (Physical abilities)
  • Coordination. Combining all aspects- music, rhythm, motion and movement in space, while paying attention to the human surrounding

Throughout the warm up and routines we learn how to combine all of these aspects together and of course we develop our "instrument" - the body...

The Hip Hop Program at A+ Educational Centers is offered to Children, Pre-Teens, Teens, and Adults.

Recommended: 2 classes weekly.


3-5 Years of Age

2010 - 2011
Monday and Wednesdays



Ages 6-9

Monday and Wednesdays



Ages 10-12

Monday and Wednesdays



12 Years of Age - Adult with prior training.

Mondy and Wednesdays


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