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If you are planning for a year,
sow rice;
if you are planning for a decade,
plant trees;
if you are planning for a lifetime,
educate people.

– Chinese proverb

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Why Tutoring/A+ Homework Club works?

In order for a student to be successful in school most often all that is needed is some personalized attention, a more understandable explanation of the subject, and an opportunity to ask questions. For over 25 years A+ Educational Centers have been providing professional tutors who help students understand material that is being presented by the teacher. Consequently, that student will go to school feeling confident and knowledgeable. Grades, test scores and, most importantly, self-esteem improves almost immediately as the student learns how to excel in school!

1. How much will my kid get done at A+ Homework Club?

Within a month, most students learn to complete that day's two hardest assignments - but some kids need longer to build the necessary focus and organization skills. The easier assignments will be left to do at home - coloring a map for social studies, for example. More often than not, the two hardest assignments come from the two basic academic food groups: math and language arts. Therefore, we try to make sure that students excel in these particular subjects first. We also offer state of the art computers and fast Internet connection enabling advanced research capabilities, as well as color and laser printers to help produce neat and colorful output.

2. Will my kid's homework get A+ grades?

Tutors check homework but students are responsible for all corrections. We teach students how to spot and correct their own mistakes, so in time they can become independent and resourceful learners. We don't do it for them - we empower kids to do it on their own!

3. How long will it take for my kid's grades to improve?

Better grades are a matter of personal growth, and growth takes time. The A+ Study Skills Program, which is incorporated into every session of A+ Homework Club, is a semester-long program tailored to each student's individual progress. Most students see their grades start to improve before the end of the semester, provided they attend A+ Homework Club on a weekly basis.

4. Who are these tutors, anyway?

A+ Homework Club tutors are graduates from some of the top Universities and colleges around the country. Most are pursuing careers in education, psychology, medicine, or human services. We also hire experienced teachers who prefer to work part-time, due to family and financial responsibilities. All receive intensive training in special A+ Educational Methods, and all are background screened.

5. Will I get feedback?

You will receive a daily, written “Session Progress Report” from your child's tutor. In fact, on subsequent sessions, students get rewards for having parent signatures on their last session progress report. You may also phone us at our office at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have. Remember - you're not alone!

6. How does it work?

A student has 2 options in receiving tutoring at A+: Individual or Group. Individual tutoring can be scheduled at any available time convenient for the student. Group tutoring – A+ Homework Club – is Monday through Thursday from 4-8pm. Students can choose to come 1 or more days a week and work in small groups supervised by an excellent teacher who is there to answer all questions and provide crucial feedback necessary in improving grades!

7. How much does this cost?

Small group tutoring is a cost-effective way to meet student needs. When a student registers, the family selects the day(s) of week that is/are most convenient to receive tutoring, pays a $35 annual registration fee, and pre-pays for 1 month of instruction. A+ Homework Club tuition is only $99 a month for 1 hour weekly tutorials and $199 a month tuition for up to 4 hours of weekly tutorials. These fees are discounted OVER 80% OFF regular individual tutoring rates to less than $12.50 an hour. You can't even get a babysitter for that kind of money especially given the fact that our tutors are successful University Graduates, DOJ/FBI background cleared, monitored weekly, trained teachers to provide top of the line instruction at a fraction of the cost of other tutoring agencies. There is NO excuse now to get excellent educational support for your child. We look forward to the opportunity of working with your family and helping your child excel!

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