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Karaoke @ A+

The community comes together at A+ Educational Centers every Friday from 6:30-9:30pm, when singers of all levels and ages, along with music-lovers - from casual listeners to karaoke addicts - swamp A+, making Karaoke-Friday a "happening" club in the Canoga Park Area, a great platform for singers to showcase and develop their talent and to win bigger opportunities through contests. For more information please email us.

We are now planning on having more public involvement. We would like feedback which includes ideas for themes that you would like to see going forward. If you would like to host the evening, that is something we are willing to do as well. So, send us that request and you will be paired with one of our team members to host an evening.

Karaoke at A+ is a family event and a great place to socialize and make friends with similar interests. Even if you are not up to it or shy you can approach one of the program hosts and they will guide you or arrange a duet for you to help you overcome your fears. A+ Educational Centers provide a great opportunity for sharpening your singing skills in a crowd, and is a great training ground for singing contests, especially if you ever plan to go professional someday! Needless to say, singing would make you look like a STAR! We use very sophisticated equipment and excellent teachers and coaches to give you feedback, if that's what you would like as well. We are very proud of and everyone who sings and we help you be a STAR!!!

Karaoke Contests @ A+

If you think you are ready to participate in a Karaoke Content, then A+ is a great place for you to show us what you got. There are children's contests and adult ones. Please email us for a schedule.

What are your judges looking for? Contestants are judged on three major factors:

Vocal Performance:

Intonation and pitch, strength and range of voice. How accurately does the singer harmonize with the music? The use of phrasing, articulation & dynamics. How well does the performer stay in tempo? Duration of the notes.


If you're singing a love-torn ballad, don't come up onto the stage in flip flops and ripped jeans. Judges are looking at everything from, if your outfit matches your song, if you have a powerful vocal performance and whether or not you took time to iron that shirt that's been hanging in your closet for the past year.

Stage Presence:

Facial expression and body gestures. Confidence and relaxation on stage? Command of the audience. Utilizing the stage during the performance. What makes your judges so special?

Our judges come from many different aspects of the arts and entertainment world.
We have vocal coaches, singers, writers and artists on our diverse panel.
They are all professionals and they all know what sells.

Contact A+ TODAY, so that we may assist you on your way to your FUTURE!

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