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Standardized Tests

PSAT/SAT/SAT Subject Tests/ACT Courses

Preparation for these tests includes a review of English grammar, math skills from Pre-algebra through Trigonometry, reading comprehension strategies, and critical analysis skills. All sections are covered in great detail so that students are later successful on all sections of these exams. Most selective colleges and the entire University of California system require students to take either the SAT or ACT and two SAT Subject Tests. We offer courses for SAT Subject Tests: Writing Test, Literature, Math Level I, IC and II, Biology, Spanish, French, etc.

  Fall Prep

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GED/CHSPE Examinations

A passing score on these tests is legally equivalent to a high school diploma. The course provides an extensive review of all parts of this examination. Concepts covered include: reading and vocabulary skills, arithmetic problems including word problems with graph interpretation and writing well organized essays.

CBEST/MSAT Examinations

The CBEST is typically required for entrance into a credential program. The MSAT is necessary for multiple subject credential certification. Along with a review of reading and writing strategies, these courses provide an excellent review of arithmetic, simple algebra and plane geometry. Since these tests require the use of some basic skills that may not have been used in many years - thorough preparation is a must.


Most top private schools require these entrance tests in their application process for admission. Public schools use one or more of these tests for tracking and evaluation purposes. Our courses cover vocabulary, reading comprehension, and mathematics. Emphasis is also placed on grammar, spelling, capitalization, punctuation knowledge, and the ability to understand many verbal and visual relationships. Techniques necessary in organizing and writing essays are thoroughly examined. Plenty of practice with actual exams makes these courses a must for anyone interested in doing well on standardized tests.

  Fall Prep


These exams are a very important part of the entrance process to graduate, medical, law and business schools. We provide an intensive, 1-on-1 preparation program that is geared directly to the needs of each individual student. Courses provide an extensive review for verbal, quantitative and analytical sections. Practice tests similar to actual exams are used as coaching materials. The dates and times of these courses are set up on an individual basis for the convenience of our clients. The instructors who teach these courses not only have done well on these exams, but many have earned their Master’s, J.D., MD and MBA degrees from some of the top graduate, law and business schools in the country.

Johns Hopkins SAT Preparation

Is your child bright and hard working? Do you want your child to get into school of choice for college? If yes, then CTY Talent Search may be the right decision to strive for. Calling all smart 7th and 8th graders who are not afraid to take on the challenge of studying for and taking a high-school level exam while still attending middle school. The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth recognizes children with above-average abilities and exceptional mathematical and/or verbal reasoning skills. “The top three percent of students nationwide, who have taken standardized tests, are eligible to take part in the world-renowned CTY Talent Search.” Get a head start over your peers to prepare for the SAT and do much better when you take the SAT to get into college in high school!


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